Tim Cartner

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Tim Cartner

Tim Cartner is the owner of Timberland Advisors, a forestry consulting firm.  He is a Registered Forester and a licensed real estate broker/agent in both North and South Carolina.  His real estate license is affiliated with Addison Realty Advisors.

Tim is known for his ability to make complex land management goals attainable through common-sense, strategic planning and implementation.  The clients he represents and the timber buyers he works with value the comprehensive knowledge, practical planning, and attention to detail developed over his 20-year career. He firmly believes that timber management can be both environmentally and financially beneficial.

Tim grew up in Lincoln County, NC, where he developed a great passion and respect for the natural world.  He earned a BS in Forestry from NC State University, where he was a member of a scholarship-funded student work crew which helped carry out management activities on the school’s forests.  During his internship, Tim worked in the research and mapping departments of a major forest products company located in northern Florida. Following graduation, Tim worked as a buyer with a timber company based in Carolinas, where he quickly learned the complexities of the markets and the challenges that landowners, timber buyers, and logging contractors face.  Seeing a need for quality, private forestry services and landowner representation, Tim founded Timberland Advisors.

Tim works with private individuals, corporations, and conservation groups, providing forest management, timber sales, and timber appraisal services.  He also provides expert witness testimony and damage assessment data for individuals, attorneys and insurance companies involved in litigation related to forestry activities.

Tim enjoys woodworking, reading, running, biking, hiking, and paddling.  He currently resides in Rock Hill, SC, with his wife Meghan and daughter Maddy.

To learn more about Tim’s forestry services, visit www.timberlandadvisors.com or contact him at 704-996-0380 or [email protected]